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How to recover when the recycle bin is emptied, this method teaches you.

How to recover when the recycle bin is emptied? The Recycle Bin is one of the system folders in the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is mainly used to store the documents temporarily deleted by the user. The files stored in the Recycle Bin can be restored. The recycle bin on the computer is an indispensable feature in the computer, which can temporarily store deleted files. But how do you need to recover the files in the recycle bin?
The files in the recycle bin are also cleared. This is the so-called permanent deletion of files, so it can not be found directly in the computer, so how do we need to find the empty recycle bin file back?

Use the system registry to recover files.

There is a registry editor in the system that can be used to restore the empty recycle bin. There are not many steps, but it is a bit complicated. Let Xiaobian slowly demonstrate it to everyone.

First, type "regedit" in the search box in "Start" and click on the first file that appears in the program table, which is the "Registry Editor";

Secondly, in the left column, open "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE - Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Explorer - DeskTop - NameSpace", a total of eight folders, can not be missed;

Next, create a new item under the "NameSpace" folder and name it "{645FFO40 - 5081 - 101B - 9F08 - 00AA002F954E}";

Then, click to enter the newly created, renamed file, right click on "Modify" in the right column "Default", enter "Recycle Bin" in the value data column, confirm;

Finally, restart the computer and you can retrieve the files that were last emptied in the recycle bin.

After restarting the computer, you can find the emptied recycle bin file in the recycle bin. This is the file deleted by the registry recovery recycle bin in the computer. In addition to using this method to recover deleted files, you can also use the recovery tool. The deleted files of the recycle bin are restored.

Recovery tool recovery file:

However, there are more recovery softwares now, and there are recovery tools that can be seen everywhere on the Internet. However, many people can say that they need free recovery tools. It can be said that free recovery tools generally read privacy, and recovery is not enough. Sound, there is no free lunch in the world.

You can find some more professional recovery tools online for recycle bin windows 7.

After the software download and installation is complete, you can see three functions on the interface of the software. These three functions are beneficial. The fast scan can scan the data inside faster, and the deep scan can set the file type of the scan. Scan a file, a partition scan can scan the data in a partition.

After using the function scan, click on the disk that needs to be scanned. If the file is deleted from which disk, scan the disk. You need to set the scan type to be set, and then start scanning the disk. Then wait for the scan to complete.

After waiting for the software scan to complete, you can see the scanned data on the interface of the software. In the data, the deleted data is deleted. If the scan is not completed, the deleted file can be scanned out to stop this time. Scanning, you don't need to scan more data.

After that, only the files that need to be restored need to be checked out. If you need to restore, you can check the part, and the file can preview some data. The picture can preview the picture directly. After checking, click Next.

Then select a folder to store the files to be restored, but do not select the original disk folder recovery when selecting the folder, so the recovery will overwrite the deleted file data, so do not select the original disk when selecting the folder Folder recovery file.

Restoring the files deleted by the recycle bin has two methods to recover. If there are other methods, only the small series has not been found yet, but through these two methods, the files of the recycle bin can be recovered. When we empty the recycle bin, Make sure there is no important data in it, and if so, restore it in time.

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